Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions & Equipment

We can supply a full range of all types of Storage Solutions both custom built or from stock according to your specifications.

Eurostar Hvac Storage Stillages Designed And Manufactured For Unipart Rail.
sectionlift Storage Solutions

SectionLift materials handling includes all forms of equipment used to move, manipulate and position loads. Lifting categories include scissor and block grabs, crane forks, permanent lifting magnets, floor cranes and fork truck attachments. Moving equipment includes pallet trucks, turntable trolleys, drum and cylinder handling, scissor lift tables and machine skates.

Railway Bogie Stacking Frames

Wheelset Storage and Movement Stillages

Lifting Equipment Tackle Racks

Parts Storage & Handling Frames

Advantages of our Storage Solutions.

Correctly designed storage equipment improves the usability of the existing floor area, and provides a safe and secure environment for the product reducing damage. As with all load handling equipment all our products are marked with a WLL and supplied fully certified.

Railway Bogie Storage Stands Specifically Designed For Eurostar, Thameslink And Desiro Trains.
Standard 10 Tonne Multi-point Lifting Beam Used To Lift Rebar Cages
Typical Special Design Multipoint Lifting Beam For General Use Utilizing A Single Point Top Lift
3m Long 60 Tonne Multi Point Spreader Beam With Adjustable Lower Lift Points
9m Span 20 Tonne Multi Point Lifting Beam With Built In Adjustable Equaliser Pulleys Designed For Lifting Prefabricated Concrete Wall Sections. These Do Not Necessarily Have All The Lift Points At The Same Level, Hence The Need For The Equalising Pulleys

the right choice for Material Handling

SectionLift can design, supply and install virtually any Multi Point lifting beam or we can manufacture to your designs. We also offer SectionLift beams from our stock, and can supply for any lifting scenario.

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Minimal processing times

SectionLift use state of the art processing systems, and can deal with enquiries quickly and efficiently.

Modern technology

Our modern stock logging systems ensure that we can quickly access information on our stock and services.

Experienced staff

SectionLift staff have vast knowledge of the lifting industry, with a combined 150 years experience in the business.

Top quality

SectionLift are development members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association and produce the finest quality lifting beams available.

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A Wide Range Of Standard & Custom Designs To Solve Your Lifting Problems