Standard Lifting Beams

Standard Lifting Beams

Standard Lifting Beams for Everyday Applications

We can supply a full range of all types of standard lifting beams and frames both custom built or from stock according to your specifications.

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What Are sectionlift Standard Lifting Beams?

SectionLift have a wide range of standard lifting beams available for hire to meet your needs and requirements. If you require a lifting beam, please contact us to discuss what equipment we have available for hire which can be dispatched quickly to you.

advantages of Standard Lifting Beams

SectionLift are industry leaders in the design and manufacture of all types of lifting beams, lifting frames and fixed spreader beams. Whether it is single beams from our vast library of standard designs, or a bespoke complex lifting solution we are able to deliver on time and on budget time after time


On Hire Fleet

We have a large collection of standard lifting beams available on stock for hire to meet your specifications

In-house design and fabrication

Lifting apparatus are designed, fabricated and finished by our experienced and knowledgeable team to allow projects to be overseen first-hand from concept to completion

Simple Lifting Beams

Perfect for everyday tasks.

Multi Point lifting beams

These type of beams are able to be handled more easily than conventional fixed spreader beams.

need more

Transport costs can be reduced as the beams can be shipped in component form thus requiring a smaller, more cost effective vehicle.

5.5 Tonne Adjustable H Frame Style Lifting Beam. This Was Deigned For Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Station To Lift Different Sizes Of Rebar Mat. The Above Frame Has A Span Of 9m And A Width Of 6m And Is Fully Adjustable In Both Length And Width. This Beam Was So Successful As Both Time And Labour Were Saved During The Operations A Further 2 Were Ordered And Subsequently Supplied.
150 Tonne Lifting Beam Used For Lifting Full Rope Reels
20 Tonne Low Headroom Single Point Lift Multipoint Lifting Beam, 12m Span. This Was Designed To Work Under A Relatively Low Overhead Crane
Typical Multi-point Lifting Beam Used In Conjunction With Sheave Blocks For Load Equalization To Lift A Rebar Cage. This System Makes Installation Quick, Easy And Safe
20 Tonne Lifting Frame Designed To Lift Prefabricated Modular Home Sections Into Position On Site. The Above Frame Can Accommodate For Different Centres Of Gravity And Different Lengths Of Module Removing The Need For Multiple Beams
15 Tonne Single Point Top, 4 Point Bottom Lifting Beam Designed For Moving Railway Equipment
Bulk Bag Lifting Beam For Different Bag Sizes

the right choice for Standard Lifting Beams

SectionLift can design, supply and install virtually any Standard Lifting beam or frame, and we can manufacture to your designs. We also offer SectionLift beams from our stock, and can supply for any lifting scenario.

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Minimal processing times

SectionLift use state of the art processing systems, and can deal with enquiries quickly and efficiently.

Modern technology

Our modern stock logging systems ensure that we can quickly access information on our stock and services.

Experienced staff

SectionLift staff have vast knowledge of the lifting industry, with a combined 150 years experience in the business.

Top quality

SectionLift are development members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association and produce the finest quality lifting beams available.

contact us now For Your LiFting project!

A Wide Range Of Standard & Custom Designs To Solve Your Lifting Problems