SectionLift 6

Sectionlift 6

Light Range Beams

SectionLift 6 high quality sectional lifting beams are the starter in our light modular spreader lifting beam range.


sectionlift 6

Light Range Modular Spreader Beams

Please read the user instructions prior to using your SectionLift beam. Sectional or modular beams can be configured in a variety of ways with differing loads depending on the span.

Calculation for WLL of Each Single Leg Top Sling (2 required)

30° Sling To Verticle (STV)
30° STV Angle
= Load x 0.58
For Maximum WLL
(8t) @ 30° STV Angle = 4.7t
45° Sling To Verticle (STV)
45° STV Angle
= Load x 0.70
For Maximum WLL
(8t) @ 45° STV Angle = 5.6t


Ensure the beam is correctly configured for the lift to be undertaken and is inspected by a suitably trained and competent person prior to use. Please see the dimensions and load span tables and charts and hover mouse for finer detail.

SectionLift 6 End Fitment Dimensions

We can repair, service and test all types of spreader beam  in our workshop.

SectionLift 6 Load/Span Table

Span (M)30° STV (Tonnes)45° STV (Tonnes)

SectionLift 6 Angles & Headroom

Headroom (H) @ 30° STV Angle = L x 0.87
Headroom (H) @ 45° STV Angle = L x 0.50

SectionLift 6 Components & Weights

Part NoComponentWeight (Kg)
6-EF1End Fitment6.2
6-LL2Load Linkl1.5
6-ST0.50.5M Strut6.5
6-ST11M Strut9.3
6-ST1.51.5M Strut12.1
6-ST22M Strut14.9
6-ST2.52.5M Strut17.7
6-ST33M Strut20.5
6-ST3.53.5M Strut23.2
6-S6. 5Top Shackle - 6.5T Alloy Bow1.5
6-S4.75Bottom Shackle - 4.75T Alloy Bow1
6-B12M12 x 45 GR8.8 Bolt, Nut, Washer Set x 4

SectionLift modular or sectional spreader beams are a versatile system of interchangeable components which are assembled to provide a wide array of lifting solutions from simple 2 point spreader beams to complex multi-beam lifting rigs. They can be assembled to form virtually any span or configuration of lifting rig allowing for a cost effective lifting solution for a wide range of lifting and handling applications.

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Modern technology

Our modern stock logging systems ensure that we can quickly access information on our stock and services.

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