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Modular, Fixed, H Frames, Standard & Bespoke Lifting Beams

SectionLift are industry leaders in the design and manufacture of all types of modular, fixed, H frames, standard, bespoke, lifting beams, lifting frames and fixed spreader beams.

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sectionlift lifting equipment

Whether it is a simple beam from our vast library of standard designs or a bespoke complex lifting solution SectionLift are able to deliver on time and on budget time after time. We offer capacities up to 1,000 tonnes and can supply all the necessary rigging to complete your project. Some of the advantages of using SectionLift for your lifting project.

advantages of sectionlift lifting Equipment

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Cost Effective

Only a small number of components are required to make up a variety of spans and configurations.


Sectional lifting beams can be configured into virtually any lifting rig to enable the most complicated of structures to be lifted.

Fast Storage

Sectional lifting beams can be dismantled and stored in a relatively small space saving valuable space in your premises.

Easy Handling

These type of beams are able to be handled more easily than conventional fixed spreader beams.

Low Cost Transportation

Transport costs can be reduced as the beams can be shipped in component form thus requiring a smaller, more cost effective vehicle.

High Lift to Capacity to Size Ratio

Relatively small modular lifting beams can lift high loads compared with fixed lifting beam configurations.

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Minimal processing times

SectionLift use state of the art processing systems, and can deal with enquiries quickly and efficiently.

Modern technology

Our modern stock logging systems ensure that we can quickly access information on our stock and services.

Experienced staff

SectionLift staff have vast knowledge of the lifting industry, with a combined 150 years experience in the business.

Top quality

SectionLift are development members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association and produce the finest quality lifting beams available.

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