Counter Balance Beams

Counter Balance Beams

Lifting Beams for Difficult Areas

We can supply a full range of all types of counter balance and cantilever lifting beams both custom built or from stock according to your specifications.

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What Are sectionlift counter balance Beams?

SectionLift are leaders in the design and manufacture of Counterbalance Lifting Beams. These specialised beams allow objects being lifting to be positioned under obstacles and overhangs. This particular design allows loads to be positioned inside the minimum radius of tower cranes, luffing cranes, overhead cranes and mobile cranes. We carry an extensive range of equipment in our hire fleet that is of a modular construction and can be tailored to provide a lifting solution to solve your problem. Our team can plan, design and calculate a counterbalance lifting rig to find a solution for your project

advantages of sectionlift counter balance beams

An ideal solution where an offset beam is required, the beam is designed to have offset weight to match the payload. Enable objects to be positioned under overhangs, protrusions or obstacles, and loads to be positioned inside the minimum radius of Tower Cranes, Luffing Cranes, Overhead and Mobile Cranes. We can also produce Counterbalance lift specific lifting and rigging plans.

Special Design Electric Counter Balance Lifting Beam Working At Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Station. The Above Was Used While Fitting Steel Conduits Into The Reactor Wall.

Large Capacity

Up to 20 tonnes with 6m reach.

Hire Stock

We have on site stock of lifting beams, CONTACT US to find out if we have a solution to suit your needs.


Modular assembly allowing different lifting configurations to be achieved to suit your specific requirements.

Remote Operated

Electric and remote-control operated control modules to ensure the beam is horizontal at all times.

Low Cost Transportation

Transport costs can be reduced as the beams can be shipped in component form thus requiring a smaller, more cost effective vehicle.

Various Lengths

Various offset lengths available from 3m to 5m

Caption Needed
Crosby original needs caption
Needs original Counter Balance Lifting Beam Providing Up To 8 Tonne Swl At 2m Offset From The Crane Hook The above beam is also capable of lifting between 3 and 8 tonnes by adjustment of the weight position on a rail.
Needs original Counter Balance Lifting Beam Used To Lift And Position A Balcony Under A 1m Overhang On A Building The above beam features a moveable weight to keep the beam level in both the loaded and unloaded condition.
2 Tonne Counter Balance Beam Lifting Wall Panels Under An Overhang.
Counter Balance Lifting Beam Designed To Lift Wall Panels Shown Positioning A Unit Under A Scaffold Overhang.
2 Tonne Counter Balance Lifting Beam Positioning Form-work Below Concrete Structural Beams
2.5 Tonne Counter Balance Lifting Beam Designed To Lift Centrifuge Components Outside The Working Area Of The Overhead Crane. This Beam Features A Moveable Weight To Keep The Beam Level In Both The Loaded And Unloaded Condition.

the right choice for counter balance beams

SectionLift can design, supply and install virtually any Counter Balance or Cantilever beam or we can manufacture to your designs. We also offer SectionLift beams from our stock, and can supply for any lifting scenario.

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Minimal processing times

SectionLift use state of the art processing systems, and can deal with enquiries quickly and efficiently.

Modern technology

Our modern stock logging systems ensure that we can quickly access information on our stock and services.

Experienced staff

SectionLift staff have vast knowledge of the lifting industry, with a combined 150 years experience in the business.

Top quality

SectionLift are development members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association and produce the finest quality lifting beams available.

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